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Gas Logs

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Available in over 40 styles, Real Frye Gas Logs by RH Peterson are hand-painted and look spectacularly realistic. Real Frye gas logs replicate the pleasure of a real fire with the convenience and cleanliness of gas!

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Charred Series

Real Frye artisans work from real wood samples to meticulously recreate the intricate bark detail and natural coloration of deeply charred wood. The burned-thru centers of the logs reveal the brilliance and fiery heart of a robust, long-burning fire. The burned-thru centers of the logs reveal the brilliance and fiery heart of a robust, long-burning fire.


Designer Series

These hand-painted originals, modeled from real wood samples, add a touch of elegance to your home.  The quality and design of the Designer Series capture the realism, texture and subtle nuance of nature’s handiwork.


Classic Series

Includes traditional favorites like the Golden Oak, which will always be in style.


Small Set Series

For those more intimate gatherings around a smaller hearth, the Small Sets Series is ideal.  These carefully crafted log sets are anything but small when it comes the rich ambiance they provide.



The G9 and G10 series are among the highest selling ventless units.

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Premium Accessories

Premium Accessories, Further enhance your hearth by adding additional branches, wood chunks, acorns, and pine cones.